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At Bishop & Hayes P.C. we are a personal injury law firm located in Springfield and Joplin Missouri. As a law firm dedicated to protecting auto accident victims and their families for over 18 years, we also want to help reduce the amount of injuries that could have been prevented by simply wearing a seat belt. It may sound silly, it seems by now everyone should be wearing a seat belt at all times, but we recently reviewed the Missouri Statistical Analysis Center’s latest report and found some shocking information as it pertains to auto accident and subsequent injuries related to not wearing a seat belt on Missouri’s roadways.

Missouri Accident Statistics: Seat Belts

  • Of all the drivers of automobiles, vans, trucks, commercial vehicles, motor homes and semi-trucks killed in fatal accidents on Missouri roadways only 32.3% were wearing seat belts. Of all the passengers killed in these types of accidents, 36.8% were wearing seat belts. In comparison, drivers involved in traffic crashes that were not killed or injured, 97.3% were wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident.
  • Of drivers that were ejected from their vehicle, 3.6% were wearing their seat belt. Of those partially ejected, 56.9% were wearing their seat belts. In comparison those who were not ejected, 95.9% were wearing seat belts.
  • Of all Missouri licensed drivers involved in traffic crashes, 95.8% were wearing a seat belt compared to 97.9% of drivers from other states. All unlicensed drivers, 80% were wearing seat belts at the time of an accident.

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At Bishop & Hayes P.C. all we do is auto injury law. The purpose of this article is to showcase that by wearing a seat belt you significantly reduce the likelihood of death in a car accident. All drivers and passengers need to be wearing seat belts at all times when the car is in motion. Imagine running as fast as you can into a wall. You would expect to be injured. When your impacts with another vehicle or fixed object the physical impact on your body is four times as much if you are not wearing a seat belt, this is why the fatality rate is so much higher because the impact sustained is four times harder on your body without the use of a seat belt.

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