Before You Represent Yourself In an Auto Accident


What You Need to Know

Many times the average person has to make a decision about their personal injury case. Should I hire an attorney? While there are several variables that can help a person make a more informed decision at Bishop & Hayes P.C. we would like to share our unique insights into what you should know when making this important decision.

First, to simply talk with an attorney about your auto injury case is 100% Free at Bishop and Hayes. In fact. we offer all of our clients a 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee, so within the first 30 if unhappy, a client can simply take their case file, no questions, no fees.

Many times it is easy to think you can work with the insurance company to resolve your case. You are the one injured, so you know your injuries right? While you are correct in thinking that you are uniquely qualified to explain your injuries and losses, a person who has been injured often is not a medical expert and they might not fully grasp the long-term care needed to fully recover from this injury. However the biggest aspect of representing yourself or explaining your injuries to an insurance adjuster is that the things you say often hurt your case. As your words can be used against you or can be manipulated by the insurance company to decrease the value of the claim.

The biggest problem you will come across in handling your own case often times is that you have the ability to hurt yourself all over again. Meaning? If you or a loved one has been seriously injured then you are dealing with the burden of your injury, work demands, treatments, etc. You simply do not have the time do also being dealing with the complicated legal aspects of your case. Often we have seen those who try and handle their case themselves miss filing deadlines, fail to fully understand all of their legal rights, or disclose aspects of case information to the insurance company they should not have said and this then gets used against them.

At Bishop & Hayes P.C. our entire law firm is dedicated to protecting injury victims. We want to provide the safety and protecting an experienced attorney can give to injury victims. The reason they call you a victim is because you did nothing wrong, but now you are facing the effects this accident has caused to you and your family. The value to you when you hire an experienced lawyer is that we understand fully how the insurance companies operate, how to investigate your accident and best showcase the full compensation you are entitled to. The more serious your injury is, the more complicated the case will be.

Our Point?

It is free to contact an attorney and discuss your personal injury case. We recommend that if you or a loved one has been seriously injured, call an attorney, a free cause evaluation may in fact save you thousands of dollars and allow you and your family the ability to recover from this devastating accident. Please do not make the mistake of trying to represent yourself until you have the facts you and your family need.

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