Tips for Teen Drivers After they have had an Auto Accident


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After more than 15 years dedicated exclusively to auto accident law, we have a unique understanding about the added stress teen drivers have, and especially their parents. As parents of teen drivers ourselves we know what it feels like to know your young driver is on the road, without you, and worrying about what could happen. So we feel it is important to understand that you need to speak with your teen drivers about what they need to do if they get into an accident. These steps could help your teen protect their legal rights and reduce any legal complication should they arise.

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Teen drivers in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Oklahoma are the highest risk age group when it comes to the likelihoods of being in an car accident. We actively support safe driving practices including never texting while driving and always having focus and attention on the roadways. However we understand that accidents happen. You teens driver as well as any driver who has been in an accident should follow these listed steps below so that you and your family will do the best possible job gathering information and facts about the accident and protect your legal rights.

What You Should Do After a Car Accident:

  1. Call the police
  2. Seek medical treatment if you are injured
  3. Get names, addresses, license plate and phone numbers of the involved drivers and any witnesses
  4. Take photographs of scene and injuries
  5. Notify defendant and authorities immediately after occurrence
  6. Take care of your injuries-concentrate on getting better
  7. Keep records of your medical treatment and time missed from work

What You Should NOT Do After a Car Accident:

  1. Do not talk or give a statement to defendant’s insurance company
  2. Don’t talk or give statement to defendant’s insurance company
  3. Don’t attempt to negotiate with defendant insurance company before your medical treatment is completed
  4. Don’t wait months from the date of injury before hiring an attorney, as your right to file claim or lawsuit may be barred
  5. Don’t wait days or weeks from the time you are injured to seek medical attention

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