Personal Injury Facts Springfield Missouri


At Bishop & Hayes P.C. attorneys Brad Bishop and Tim Hayes have dedicated the last 15 years to helping the victims of serious auto accidents protect their legal rights. As members of the Springfield community we would like to showcase statistics about personal injury accidents inside Springfield Missouri.

Springfield Missouri Police Department Statistics

From January 2012 through June 2012 the Springfield Police Department has reported the following:

  • 16 auto accident fatalities
  • 4 auto accident fatalities attributed to the involvement of alcohol
  • 1,347 persons injured as a result of an automobile accident
  • Over $22,000,000 million in economic loss attributed to these fatalities
  • Over $63,000,000 million in economic loss attributed to non-fatal accidents

Many times the public is unaware of the economic impact that personal injury accidents cause. Just in six months in the city of Springfield we have seen over $85,000,000 in economic losses attributed to auto accidents. What is important to know is that these accidents have the ability to dramatically effect the lives of these injury victims not only for the short-term, but for the rest of their lives.

Why it is Imperative to Hire an Attorney

The reason you should hire an experienced attorney as quickly as possible after you or a loved one has been injured is often not fully disclosed to the public. At Bishop & Hayes P.C. our years of experience have allowed us a deeper understanding of why this is so important.

Free Legal Advise

An experienced personal injury attorney will be able to offer you a free evaluation of your potential case so you will have an idea about what is going to be a fair compensation for you or your family. In our years of dealing with insurance companies we have seen firsthand that their primary goal is to pay you as little as possible. Without an experienced attorney who will be able to fully evaluate your case the average person will be without a true idea of how much compensation they are going to need.

Even in the most serious injury cases or wrongful death claims we have witnessed where an insurance company would throw out a number to our clients; say $500,000, but this number was truly not enough to cover the client’s total loss both for the short-term and long-term effects the accident caused. Unless you have seen hundreds of personal injury cases and taken these cases to a jury trial, the average person will have no idea if they have maximized their compensation. The most important aspect of hiring an attorney is you knowledge. Insurance companies are more likely to settle when they are offering you a “bargain” rather than full compensation. Remember, that the insurance companies are working with these types of cases on a daily basis and are extremely savvy when dealing with individuals without legal representation.

Leverage You Need

So when the insurance company knows that you have no legal representation often times they have set protocols in dealing with individuals. The leverage an auto accident attorney has, particularly an experienced attorney who understanding how these insurance companies are operating, will give you the power to file a lawsuit as a response to an insurance company’s low-ball offer. Bishop & Hayes has developed the reputation as being a tough personal injury defense team, because of this we have seen that insurance companies know and understand that are not going to settle for “bargin” offers and their settlement offers reflect this.

Investigative Knowledge Required

Finally serious personal injury cases are work. Meaning that these cases need to be investigated, your injuries need to be documented by official medical reports, you must be able to showcase the full extent of your injuries. Many of our auto accident cases require us to create a demand package beyond the collection of medical bills. We create reports for our clients from a doctor that showcase the full scope of your injuries and future required medical care, work with an economist to calculate your actual damages, or a vocational rehabilitation expert to assist us in evaluating your economic loss. Only experienced personal injury attorneys will be able to provide the expertise to fully showcase how much compensation you need.

Attorneys Brad Bishop and Tim Hayes are skilled advocates and negotiators for auto accident victims and their cases. Our only goal is to insure that you and your family get the compensation you need in order to live your lives. We fight the insurance companies and explain why you your case deserves more money that what they think. Insurance companies are going to construe every single fact where reasonable minds could have differing opinions against your claim. This is where our experience in advocating for our clients gives you the legal protecting you need.

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