The Most Dangerous Highways in Missouri


Staying Safe on the Deadliest Roadways in the State

Tens of thousands of people are injured or killed in auto accidents in Missouri each year. The majority of these crashes are preventable, caused by negligence or recklessness. However, certain roads in the state seem to be more prone to accidents, making them extremely dangerous for drivers.

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Missouri’s Deadliest Highway

Missouri’s US 63 (U.S. Route 63) stretches across the state south to north passing through cities like Rolla, Jefferson City, Columbia Macon, and Kirksville. The highway was recently named Missouri’s most dangerous after averaging at least 15 fatal traffic accidents per year for the past decade.

According to a recent study conducted by Geotab, a fleet management company, using data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Federal Highway Administration, US 63 had a fatal crash rate of 0.7% and ranking 23rd in the nation. 

Over the past ten years, Highway 63 has had 158 crashes and 179 fatalities, putting it 15th in the country for most deaths and 17th for the most crashes.

Traffic Fatalities Increasing in Missouri

Despite a drop in the number of cars on the road due to the pandemic, the Missouri State Highway Patrol indicates there was an increase in the number of fatal traffic crashes for 2020. A preliminary report showed a 12% increase in deadly auto accidents compared to the previous year.

As reported by KSDK-TV, there were 989 traffic-related fatalities last year, up from 881 in 2019. The vast majority of the accidents were caused by speeding, driver inattention, or driving while impaired. There was also an uptick in people driving without a safety belt.

Other Notable Roadways with High Crash Rates

Highway 63 was not the only roadway that made headlines for the number of crashes involving fatalities and deaths in the state. Several stretches of interstate, local highways, and intersections also present dangers to Missouri motorists.

Dangerous stretches of interstate and roadways in Missouri:

  • Interstate 64 (I-64) 
  • Interstate 44 (I-44)
  • Interstate 70 (I-70)
  • US Highway 24
  • State Highway 66
  • State Highway 110
  • Paris Road
  • Page Avenue

Whenever traveling these roadways or any others throughout the state, be sure to use caution. If you are involved in a Missouri car accident caused by another person’s negligence, you might be entitled to compensation. 

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