Personal Injury Law: Insurance, Adjusters and You


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Recently a perspective client asked us a simple question; “why shouldn’t I just work with the at-fault party’s insurance company directly?” He asked this question because the adjuster told him that he would be in the position to receive a higher payout if he choose not to hire a personal injury attorney to help him with his claim. More and more we are seeing this tactic used by adjusters who are trying to push for a claim to be handled quickly and for as little in terms of compensation as possible.

Handling Personal Injury Claims in Springfield Missouri

At Bishop & Hayes P.C. we are a small personal injury law firm located in Springfield Missouri and Joplin Missouri. Our partners, Tim Hayes and Brad Bishop are the only two attorney on staff, and for over 15 years they have dedicated their practice to only handling auto injury cases. For more about our firm please click here. Recently we have noticed a this trend where the insurance companies are trying to push injury victims away from hiring an attorney. The most common reason is that many times a person without the legal expertise of an experienced injury attorney will simply be unable to understand the different policies and available claims they have access too. The easiest way to explain this is that the insurance company has one goal, to pay as little as possible. So in order to minimize payouts, they are now trying to paint the picture that attorneys are only going to be costing these victims money.

Why Bishop and Hayes P.C. only handles Personal Injury Cases

The reason our firm is dedicated to protecting the legal rights of injury victims is simple. They are the victim, but with the resources of multi-million dollar insurance companies, these victims have a tough road ahead of them to fight to get the full compensation they are entitled too. We fight the insurance companies so that our clients receive the full compensation they deserve. Our investigative techniques, along with our extensive legal knowledge allow us to present to our clients a full picture of the compensation they deserve and our legal advice is free, since we never get paid until they do.

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