Car Accident? Your Back Pain Could Be an Injury


6 Back Injuries Commonly Diagnosed After Car Accidents

Back pain can range in severity, causing mild discomfort to long-term immobility. Back injuries are common after car accidents because they often involve a sudden, violent jolt. The forceful back and forth motion can result in several conditions that can make it difficult to sleep, sit for long periods of time, or even walk. 

At Bishop & Hayes, we know the disabling effects of a car accident. Our entire practice is focused on auto accident recovery and ensuring that injury victims receive the compensation they deserve after a collision. If you were injured in a recent crash, contact our office at (417) 304-3228 to book a free, no-obligation consultation. 

Common Back Injuries After an Auto Accident

Back pain following a collision can be deceiving. It may begin as a nagging ache that worsens into a throbbing, burning sensation. Over time it may become so intense that you need to miss work or make it difficult to continue normal activities. By the time you realize that the back pain was a serious condition, the treatment options may be more limited.

Back injuries that often show up after a car accident include:

  1. Whiplash

Whiplash is a dangerous medical condition that commonly occurs after a car accident. Even low-speed collisions can cause whiplash. Many car accident victims do not immediately recognize that they have whiplash since the body may be in shock. 

If you are involved in a car accident, the most important thing is to get yourself checked out by a medical professional as soon as possible. Delaying treatment may cause your whiplash injuries to get worse and make it more difficult to fully recover.

  1. Spinal cord injuries

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries in the country. The Mayo Clinic estimates that nearly half of all new spinal cord injuries are the result of car and motorcycle accidents each year.

  1. Spinal Fractures

Auto collisions also account for a large number of spinal or vertebrae fractures each year. A severe fracture or dislocation may require surgery to repair. Left untreated, a spinal fracture may cause permanent damage.

  1. Herniated Discs 

A herniated or slipped disc can be caused by a serious accident. The impact of the collision can cause a disc to slip out of place or even rupture. A herniated disc can cause the nerves in the lower back to compress, resulting in severe, chronic pain often referred to as sciatica.

  1. Soft Tissue Damage

Soft tissue injuries include any damage to a muscle, tendon, or ligament. In the back, this can cause unbearable pain that makes it difficult to move. Soft tissue injuries are generally referred to as sprains or strains and may cause stiffness, swelling, and bruising.

  1. Spinal Stenosis

Certain conditions may not be caused by the accident directly, but they can be exacerbated. Spinal stenosis is a condition that can be aggravated by a collision. Spinal stenosis involves the narrowing of the spaces within your spine and can put immense pressure on nerves. Spinal stenosis may result in tingling or numbness.

Getting the Help You Need for Your Back Pain

If you have back pain after a car accident, you need to seek medical treatment immediately. An early diagnosis can help ensure that your pain does not get worse. 

Contact our office at (417) 304-3228 to discuss your right to compensation, including money for your medical bills and future care. Let us help you maximize your damages and get the settlement or verdict you deserve.

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