Local Charity Bound for Ukraine with Medical Support


With the war in Ukraine raging on, soldiers on the front lines and civilians are still in dire need for medical support and supplies. The situation worsens daily, according to the International Medical Corps, more than 24 million Ukrainians are in need of humanitarian aid.

Ukrainians are calling out for help and an answer is coming for the Ozarks. Attorney Tim Hayes, optometrist Dr. Todd Pearson and local nonprofit “The Warriors Journey” are answering that call. On Friday, July 15 they’ll go to Ukraine to help in any way they can.

They’re taking thousands of eyeglasses, medical supplies, backpacks and more. They’ll be administering on the spot eye exams for soldiers and civilians.

Tim Hayes said eye doctors can be extremely useful in a war zone.

“Certain types of specialties, eye care and dental are not as invasive, but yet if you’re having issues with either if those things, your daily life is complicated. So those two areas have been easier to get access to patients on a short quick notice,” said Hayes. “If you can’t read your GPS on your phone you might go the wrong direction in a war zone and if you can’t read an instruction booklet on how to use a Javelin missile, then you might not be as valuable in a war zone.”

Credit: KY3

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